Metabase with kittens

As you read in the previous blog Easy charting with Metabase, I became quite fond of this tool this year. I believe it's a great and easy way to display simple data, and the quality for an open-source project is outstanding.

When Lyon Data Science asked me if I could prepare a little workshop on Metabase, I could not be more happy to make other people discover this tool. This workshop took place at le TUBÀ on the 16th of November.

I started my talk with a brief introduction to Metabase, then followed a live presentation from scratch, connecting to a fake project that is "Facebook, but for cats". I demoed most features of Metabase and the attendees did the same on their personal computers.

Fun fact is that nearly all the people that attended the workshop were "Data Scientists", so they are used to work with much more advanced and specific tools, but I think it was also a refreshing point of view for them, to have a free and simple tool can also be great in some cases. I'd love to make this presentation again in front of developers or entrepreneurs to have other kind of feedbacks.

If you are curious, you can read the slides and do the workshop at home! I'm sorry the presentation is in French and I don't have much energy to translate it in English just yet but the demo part (from slide 14) should be easy enough to follow while watching only the screenshots:

Please tell me if you liked it (or not) or if you decide to try and use Metabase in your office! I'd love to know that I did not do all this in vain! 🙀