I'm Gabriel Pillet and I'm a Backend Developer with 12 years of experience with PHP frameworks (Symfony and Laravel) and 3 years managing people as QA Lead and CTO.

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💌 Lettre aux recruteurs 💌

Après une petite pause "sans dev." en tant que responsable assurance qualité chez Yousign et CTO chez Web^ID, j'ai décidé de revenir à mon premier amour : le développement backend. Voici un…

10+ games for your Left Brain

Edit: I've had quite a few people telling me that the Left brain / Right brain is a myth, I'm just here to share some cool games and it was a nice catch phrase but feel free to do some research on…

Dependency injection with Behat (and PHP-DI)

Konstantin Kudryashov (alias @everzet) gave us a nice present when releasing Behat 3.3.0 on Christmas! 🎅 The main feature of this new version is Helper containers which is something I did not…


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