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CTO - Architect - Lead Developer


Hello! My name is Gabriel Pillet and I've been coding for 12 years in diverse environments (web agencies, startups and freelancing). I love finding the easiest way to solve the most complex problems!

I'm looking for my next big challenge in backend web development and will be available starting september 2019. I am located in Lyon (France) but I'm used to working full remote and I love it!

Very pedagogue and competent, Gabriel always tried to answer even the most twisted of our questions. He always found a solution to our problems.

Picture of Julien S.

Julien S.
Computer Science Student

His pragmatism and method have guided us to the right technological choices. We were then able to continue to make the application evolve with a stable and solid foundation.

Picture of Stéphane H.

Stéphane H.
CTO, PHP Expert

Gabriel never refuses to help his teammates, unite the team and bring it to the top. He always gives good advice and loves to learn new things and improve himself. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Picture of Guillaume S.

Guillaume S.
Mobile Developer

I ship high quality projects


Sometimes the solution to solve a problem is not state of the art programming, but a more straightforward solution.

Quality Addict

I focus on the entire quality spectrum to deliver bug free applications and I believe that there is always room for improvement!

Project Manager

I know the tools and best practices of project management that makes both the clients and the team happy.

I write tailored code

Backend Dev.

I have been coding with PHP frameworks from Symfony 1 to 4 for tailor-made business applications. I'm open to work with any other backend language.

Data Lover

I love working with huge datasets and Data Science is the area of expertise that I want to learn the most.


Optimizing a web page that loads in 30 seconds and makes 2'567 SQL queries to running in 2 seconds is very gratifying.

I help the team


Teaching to students and junior developers made me learn about patience, empathy and how to explain complex notions simply.


Kind words means a lot and I try to always bring the best side of things. I also know when it's better to listen than to talk.

I speak RegEx

Everybody needs someone that speaks fluent RegEx in their team, as they say : /^bb|[^b]{2}$/, that is the question.

THE Dream Job

In my opinion the project of the company is the most important matter: it should be something that is meaningful and aiming to make the world a better place (even just a little bit!). I probably won't work for you if you manufacture weapons of mass destruction, just saying.

Technical challenge is also something that drives me. Whether it is a complex business related code or getting the most out of elaborate data metrics: this is where I feel most at ease. Quality is essential to me, and every means (tools, good practices and processes) should be employed to achieve the best quality available.

The dream company should, of course, care about their people's well beings, providing a healthy and positive culture in which everyone can flourish. I know sometimes it's easier said than done but I would be happy to help you achieve this goal!


Profesionnal Projects

BetaSeries Insights

Medical Imaging search engine

SAAS for Temporary Workers



Teacher at YNOV

Conferences and talks

Alice & Bob

MySQL to Neo4j Import

Neo4j in 15 minutes

Pragmatism Driven Dev.

Metabase with kittens

Hobby code

Phat Fishes

S + G


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